High Plains Providores

Falls Creek

Trackers open for summer

One of Falls Creek leading lodges, Trackers will open for Summer 2011/2012.under the management of Lyn Greene. see http://www.trackers.com.au/ for all accommodation, details.

Champagne tours to Mt Mackay

One of best kept secrets of the Victorian Alps, experience the magic of the highest Australian peak accessible by road vehicle access, with a glass of bubbly, no less..

Picnic lunches

Choose your own destination, but leave the food to Lyn and have it delivered in the village before you leave

Supplies delivered to your room

Food, wine, utensils,...whatever you need....don't hesitate to ask Lyn

Special functions

Music camps for schools and corporate groups, conferences. Details on application. 

About High Plains Providores

With more than 30 years experience of life in Falls Creek, Lyn Greene is a very well liked and respected identity in town, who has specialised in making everyone's experience all the richer in their time at Australia's leading alpine resort village. Her experiences in hospitality and cuisine and her contacts make her an integral part of the village culture


phone 0419425416

email lyn@highplainsprovidores.com.au

PO Box 243, Falls Creek, Vic Australia 3699